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By the fireplace

Take that picture, mortal

– “Oh please… take that picture, don’t be shy. How do I look?”
– “I… can’t… goddess…”
– “Oh please, no goddess between the both of us. Call me tina. Are you going to take this picture or not?”
– “Please… no…”
– “Did you just question my whim?”
– “…”
– “It’s all fair to be scared, little one but picture it like this : You might be next after her.”
– “I… spare her, please, plea-”
– “No. I want to see how I look like just before the act. I want to see what there is to see I don’t see.”
– “I… I won’t take this picture, Tina”
– “I’ve all the time in the world but her… I can feel her weaken already, her tiny hands slipping on my tit. Take that picture.”
– “You’re a-”
– “Monster. I know. She won’t suffer. Take that picture.”
– “… She won’t… I… can you… lift your shoulder a bit? It’s for the… the framing.”
– “Hmm… yes. Like this?”
– “Y-yes and… Maybe smile a little bit less… you seem to enjoy it… too much.”
– “I’m enjoying it. Like this?”
– “It’s… you’re beautiful.”
– “Take it.”
– “There are… can you pull this strand of hair just, above your wrist… look a bit more wild you see?”
– “Certainly. This way”
– “OH MY GOD!!!!”
– “She slipped… wait… let me just… see? She’s still screaming, right beneath my chest.”
– “She wasn’t. There there. I’m allowing her some space and she still pushes, pleasantly as it is. Is my hair to your liking?”
– “…fuckohfuckoh-”
– “Focus, please.”
– “Y-yes! Yes! I’m trying for god’s sake!!”
– “Goddess.”
– “God-… You…”
– “Do it.”