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First story for tiny chubba. First light. It’s an excellent first I’d say!

Downplayed’s cover by Tina

Tiny chubba writes about size difference, belittlement and girls having fun to their male’s counterpart expense.

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Coming into my second year of college, I knew what to expect. My freshman year was the equivalent of throwing me into the deep end of a pool just to see if I swam. The school realized I belly flopped pretty hard, but they decided to keep me regardless of my failed effort. I knew this year wasn’t going to be any easier, but I wouldn’t realize until later that that would be the biggest understatement of my life.

I intended to keep my agenda simple and clear; go to class, take notes, speak only when spoken to, and then go home once the day was done. I wasn’t one for making friends or putting myself into social settings that would make me uncomfortable. Having only been to 1 party and a few other small gatherings with friends, I hadn’t quite adapted to the party scene, nor did I really want to. I just kept to myself, staying quiet unless my opinion was requested.

Aside from the few people I already knew from the year prior, I didn’t know anybody in my classes. Not many really seemed like the kind of people that I would get along with. Sure there were some pretty faces to look at, and funny people to make small talk with, but no one that would really get me.

But then, she came along. She walked through the door to the classroom and I swear I heard the door thank her. She was absolutely stunning. A fit, blonde girl who seemed to have received every attractive gene in the pool. But beyond her looks, it was her demeanor which captivated me. In the way she walked, it was as if she knew the world stopped and stared for a few minutes. How she talked, time stood still just to hear what she had to say no matter how brief or trivial. For a moment, our eyes met as she passed by my desk. Not a word was exchanged, but none were needed to be spoken. I already knew everything I wanted to know about her. And it was from that moment on, I was hooked.

The class went on as it normally would. The professor lectured as we all took notes and crammed our heads with as much information as possible, all to forget it before we even left the building. It was mind numbing and

time consuming

, but it was what my parents were paying thousands for, and so I went. It wasn’t until after the class had ended that I saw her again. As I packed my bag back up she walked by the same way she had before. However, I was too busy watching her walk by to realize she had dropped a folded up piece of paper into my open bag as she made her way to the front of the room to leave. It wasn’t until I looked back down that I noticed it. I picked it up and unfolded it to see its message. What I read was something that could’ve been framed up as a piece of calligraphy, despite the minimal content of the writing. It was a phone number. I carefully folded it back up and tucked it into my pocket before zipping up my backpack and walking out of the room.

I began the walk across campus to the parking lot where my car was. I was anxious to read the note but I wanted to wait until I was mentally ready to talk. I was also, however, confused about why she had given her number to me, if it was indeed hers. I pushed the thought aside and continued my walk. Along the way there a few other pretty girls seeming to give me a once over as the walked by me. I didn’t pay much attention to them as most people normally looked at each other awkwardly while walking on campus. I was more focused on getting to my car.

Upon reaching my car, I opened the door, putting my bag on the passenger seat before getting in. I closed the door behind me and took out my phone, followed shortly after by the note. I began to type the number when a gentle knock on my window made me jump in my seat. I looked up immediately to see her. I nervously fumbled over the control panel on the door to lower the window, accidentally lowering the back window. She smiled gently, seemingly reassuring me not to be nervous. I finally lowered the driver side window, but before I could get a word out she asked, “Do you want to go out tonight?”

I was left speechless. My shyness got the better of me and all I could manage was a nod or two. She giggled a little and smiled. “Great, pick me up at 7.” Without another word, she walked away. I sank in my seat in disbelief, pinching myself as I did. ‘There’s no way this can be real,’ I thought to myself. But it was very real, and I had 6 hours to gather myself before seeing her again. I quickly drove home, so many questions without answers racing through my head.

I frantically opened my front door and raced back to my room, tearing up my closet in an effort to find a decent outfit to wear. I really didn’t have any “nice” clothing so I did my best to look presentable. Once I had changed I picked the note up and entered it into my phone. Still not knowing her name, I simply texted, “Hey.”

There was a quick reply saying, “Hey! Can’t wait for tonight!” Even through text her tone seemed friendly.

I texted back saying, “Me neither. What’s your address?”

There was a brief pause between messages. She eventually sent back, “Don’t worry about that now. There’s still time.” I found myself relaxed after reading the text, as if all of my worries were erased by her words alone. I left it alone at that, waiting until it was closer to the time of our date to ask again. At 6:00 she sent me her location. I quickly got in my car and set out to meet her.

After a relatively short drive, I pulled up in front of the house that her text had led me to. I got out and walked up to the building. It was the biggest house on the block standing at 3 stories tall. The exterior was a pristine white, decorated only by the garden in front of it. I walked up the stairs onto the front porch and rang the doorbell. I was quickly met by her smiling face as she invited me inside. The interior of the home matched it’s exterior; clean, white walls, luxurious adornments strewn about. “Nice place,” I said to her. She smiled as if she’d heard those exact words after every time someone saw her house for the first time. She took me by the hand gave me a short tour of the downstairs (far larger than the outside led me to believe it was, by the way) before taking me upstairs to see her room.

It was about what you’d expect a college girl’s room to look like, some clothes tossed about and a couple books lying on her desk, but aside from that it was still far better than my entire house could wish to be. She looked back at me as if seeking my approval. I turned back around to see her anxiously awaiting my response. “It’s lovely,” I said, to which her smile beamed even brighter than before. She began to lead me downstairs but I stopped for a moment, looking at the stairs that led to the third floor. “Wait, aren’t you going to show me the top floor?” I asked curiously.

She quickly turned around and grabbed my hand once more. “Maybe another time, Steven,” she said dismissively.

I paused once more, this time I was taken aback at how she knew my name, despite the fact that I had never told her it before. “W-wait… how do you know my name?”

She sighed softly guided me back downstairs. “So many questions, so little time…”

At the bottom of the stairs she turned to me and kissed me suddenly. I was shocked but my eyes slowly shut as I embraced her. We kissed for a second, but it felt like an eternity. Something felt off about it. The room began to spin and I soon found myself on my knees before her. A soft giggle met my ears as I looked back up at my date. She was covering her mouth to hide her smile. Her eyes looked back up the stairs, and I turned my head to do the same. To my horror, I saw four girls peeking over the railing looking down at me, all giggling as well, as if they were expecting this to happen.

What was worse was that I hadn’t even noticed what they all found so funny, until it was too late. My clothes, that I had taken so much time to pick out, were now engulfing me. I was shrinking, and there was nothing I could do about it. I began to panic, trying to escape my fabric prison as I became smaller and smaller. It didn’t take long for me to disappear entirely beneath the mountain of clothes as I finally reached my final size. I began to climb out of the pile, seeing light coming in from the collar of my shirt. I hoisted myself up, and flopped down on top of my shirt. I had totally forgotten I was naked until the giggling filled my ears once more. All five beauties had surrounded me, feasting upon the sight of my pathetic body lying exhausted before them. I tried to cover myself up but before I could even make an attempt my date had lifted me up by my legs, dangling me upside down.

“You’re so much cuter at this size! I could just eat you up!” She said as she showed me off to her friends.

“Oh my god! He’s so tiny!” said one girl.

“Look how he squirms! Awh, he wants to be free!” said another.

“But why would he want to? Doesn’t he want to see what happens next?” said my date, placing me back on the floor.

“Oooooh this is my favorite part,” said a third girl as she began to kick off her shoes.

The other girls all followed suit, taking their shoes and socks off as they kicked my clothes away and towered high above me. Without thinking, I made a break for it. Running toward a gap between my date’s feet, my only chance of freedom was outside that front door. It was hopeless. Within an instant my world had been plunged into darkness as a foot stepped on top of me. My hope was soon snuffed out.

Beneath the weight of the foot, all I could hear was muffled laughter. The pressure let up and I could breathe once more. At this point the girls had knelt down to look at me better, my date still standing tall.

“If you’re through trying to escape, allow me to introduce you to your new life. Pay close attention, I’ll only tell you once,” said my date. “My name is Emily, and you belong to us now. Meet your new masters, Ashley, Juliana, Sofia, and Kat.” She pointed at the girls from left to right as she introduced them to me. “I, of course, am your Goddess. Isn’t that right girls?”

“Yes, Goddess,” they all said in unison.

I gulped nervously as I took it all in. “Th-this….this can’t be real…”

“Of course it is! Go ahead, pinch yourself, you little mite. I’m sure the result will be the same as it was in your car earlier today.” Her giggles became more and more haunting every time I heard them.

I looked around at the other girls, each of them eyeing me up,

as if to decide who gets to play with me first. I was a toy, no, a slave now to these gorgeous women who were once my peers. Now they served as judge, jury, and executioner for each and every one of my actions.


To be continued…