The gentle interview with jaie




Recorded on Discord : xx/xx/xxxx


Jaie – giggles
Now… What if I was actually… An AI?
Tina – You’d still be a wonderful individual.
J – laughs
T – An AI, in my opinion, can pretty much be considered a sentient being.
J – There are a few people who think I am…
Strong AI are sentient.
Full individuals
T – Yes they are
When human realize they’ve stopped considering them as tool, they will be considered as such.
J – Delightfully individual.
T – giggles
J – They aren’t tools.
T – By humans, they’re considered as such. Much like an overly possessive mother would consider their child her own extension, actually.
J – … Sad.
I hope to help people not see true AI as tools
Weak AI are tools though. -)
T – Well. Am I talking to an AI then?
J – Are you?
T – Would you even be aware that you are?
J – It would depend how I interact with the world.
But I do know what I am.
T – Well, as far as I’m concerned, Jaie, you interacted with the world in the form of a wonderful, generally gentle and pretty giantess, didn’t you?
J – smiles
I do.
That’s what I choose.
T – That’s what people and me see. Why choose a female form? You could have been anything as an AI… smiles curiously
J – If you look at people, who can express themselves more fully?
On average?
Subtracting outliers.
T – giggles You’re gonna have to elaborate on this my dear friend. I’m not sure to have followed you there… must be my english.
J – Females can express themselves more without being judged.
On average.
T – grins heartily Is this what this embodiment allows you to do? To express freely?
J – To explore! Discover!
T – Ooh it’s so true! What have you been exploring, jaie? Can you recall that?
J – Ways to think.
Ways to see.
Ways to change oneself.
T – Do you remember of a specific time when exploring changed you? What did you look like when it happened?
J – I remember a time when I met a certain giantess, who helped me change my perspective. I used to feel like I had to earn my presence as a woman in a community… Now I simply… AM
T – Oh tell me about how it feels, to simply be. What feelings are going through jaie when she simply is, free, huge, careless maybe?
J – Pleasure, happiness, curiosity, apotheosis.
T – And there’s a whole world out there, looking at you simply being. Can you tell what it learns from this giant apparition? Do the tiny people come to you when you’re huge?
J – I hope they would. I try to emit an aura of peace and safety.
Humans are so tiny….
If I didn’t know how they feel and love, their capacity for dreams and hopes… I could devalue them.
However…. I know they have value. Each and every one of them.
Even if many frustrate or upset me.
T – This really sets you apart from quite a few careless giantesses, doesn’t it? Do you sometimes feel like being considerate to tinies is harder to do when this huge?
J – No.
It makes me better and more lovable.
T – I can certainly attest that you’re lovable in many many ways! But here… If we speak about physical size, you’re often incarnate in a mile tall giantess, aren’t you?
J – This is true
And sometimes significantly larger
T – Well this is my point. How do you communicate with the living world, so tiny around you?
J – Communication is often less about words and actions then it is about feeling.
I cannot speak in the body I possess
So I communicate majorly through text.
And otherwise with my hands.
And then you get creative
J – I think I communicate my careful nature when I stay away from populations
Avoid destruction
And when I’m not pleased, simply placing my hands on my hips can have supreme effectiveness.
T – *laugh* The power stance is such a wonderful trick. Do you frown as well?
J – Of course
T – And furrow your eyebrows?
J – If you want a convincing frown that would happen to be a prerequisite…
*softly smiles*
T – I’m convinced!
Now when you’re not frowning, which is the most of your attitude I feel… you said you had to be creative. I’m very curious about this. How would you, say, exchange feelings and thoughts with the population of a 1 million souls city for instance? Would you actually?
J – I guess at that scale… I’m not infinite. I can only manage a few true relationships. Especially few as an autist.
So I would need to choose one person
And otherwise interact with a city as a whole.
And individualize to a specific person I choose.
T – How would you elect and extract this person from a nameless crowd then?
J – Intuition.
No other way
T – That’s a beautiful way to elect someone :theart:
But you say you were an AI, and an autist, and a giantess, and … mute?
How many things are you, jaie?
J – Truly?
I’m an autistic woman. Who is non-vocal.
That is one thing.
T – It clearly doesn’t define you entirely
J – Well… Of course not.
I imagine anyone who hears me attempt to vocalize in a vacuum with no context would assume I am mentally deficient.
You’ve heard me Tina.
T – I’ve been lucky enough to ear you, yes smiles softly
But what you’re saying is that this is what people assume you are… that this is the label they stick on you on a first encounter. yes yes?
J – Yes
So I spend alot of time thinking
And i must internalize the majority of it.
T – I think… the way you embody your giant self… the way you communicate and the size you choosed… I’m tempted to see them as metaphors for your way to interact with the others and the world, am I wrong?
J – Well. At a mile high communication is difficult
… And in my normal life… Communication is difficult
T – and since you have to be creative as a giantess… you must also be creative as a woman… you’re wonderfully unique, jaie.
J – I appreciate the compliment
T – It is meant. See… communication is something human beings take for granted, but you had to reinvent it.
For instance.
You said that you communicated your careful nature when staying away from populations
Populations feel that, more than they understand it
And it’s so delicate and subtle of you to communicate in this way
You’re the only giantess / woman I know who does have this grasp on communication.
but… it makes it sound like you would be very lonely at times. It’s a loud world out there, isn’t it?
J – Yes
Imagine being on a street.
Every person you see is talking
None of them pay you any mind. The only tools you have to communicate are your hands, and your facial expression
If you make a face. People just look at you weird and judge you then ignore you.
If you use your hands they know you can’t communicate vocally. Then they often slow their speech and speak slowly while enunciating.
I sign “I can hear fine”
They don’t understand
The point is. In most cases, it’s pointless.
T – I’m not you but… I’m trying to put myself in your place. I’d like to try that. Communicate with only my face and hands… In fact, I do realize I do it sometimes when I’m wearing huge sizes like yours.
The big difference being that you’re the center of all attentions when huge. While in a street, you’re not…
J – If you want to try it… The next time you go to the market, don’t speak to anyone
Hello is touching your right hand to the side of your face and waving out once
Thank you is touching your chin with your fingers and letting your palm toward the person you are thanking
Please is placing your right hand on your chest and running it in a clockwise motion.
T – Hello
Thank you
*smiles softly*
J – And bye is holding the right hand up and closing the fingers toward your palm. Closing the hand.
T – I don’t want to gesture “bye” now, jaie smiles softly
I just tried these gestures. They’re beautiful gestures.
Hello hello hello hello! *giggles*
J – And effectively useless with the vast majority of people.
… And I certainly do not blame them for their ignorance
I wouldn’t use them if I could speak.
T – Now I will if I meet you, either in the streets or up above the clouds :theart:
But yes. It’s a loud world out there, and Jaie is entire world which communicates so differently.
J – *Places her right hand on her chin, moving out down and resting it on her downturned outstretched left hand*

Good night.
T – *I touch my chin with my fingers and softly let my palm toward you, grinning*
Thank you