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Ben boston! November Comic!

Her name is November! And Ben!

This one’s a bit special well… everything’s special about this one, actually.

First, Ben boston, drawer extraordinaire.

Dynamic, strong and lively line. Brilliant personality. Generosity in his passion and sketches, illustrations, commissions, interactions…

Ben Boston, which you may or have to discover around the corners where he strikes :


Yes yes. That’s brilliant.

Second, this, started on twitter under the #NovemberComic tag and the 01/11/2018 date. Will it continue? Will it expand?

Anyway you look at it, November and Ben’s adventures are certainly the most cute and exciting visual novel to happen at the end of this year. Linger in his universe where masters are shy and slaves, powerful in their own particular way.

Enjoy, and once you’re under the charm, thank the master.