Did I ever mention my love for planes?

Published on deviantart in 2017

Rendering / editing / writing : Tina

Did I ever mention my love for planes?
I guess I have and since you had the chance to meet me…
I’ll say it again, just for you.

So… here you are, stumbling like grains of rice in a box,
toyed with because you happened to hop inside a toy.

What I intend to do is exceptionnal and I’ll be your captain
for the rest of the flight. Can you hear that passengers?
Yes… you can hear that, very clearly.

I know exactly what’s happening inside this plane:
Your safety belts tightly locked, the scream and madness,
the oxygen dropping in those little masks…
You’re not my first catch. Definitely not.

This excites me.

And… I’d like the few of you still owning a bit of sanity
to think about why I do love planes so much,
a simple fact that might have slipped under your attention
when you climbed the metallic stairs leading to this very destination:
It’s perfectly shaped.

Now you get it.

So passengers… enjoy the foreplay as much as I will.

I love you plane
and I love you too, little grains of life

I love you so much right now I could…
Let me kiss you.
Oh my little pilots are so easily overwhelmed.
A kiss
Just a kiss
and we’re getting started.

If I close my eyes, I can hear you,
muffled and protesting in unison.
When I press my lips on the hull, you claim your right for life in righteous wails of hope and
when I slowly suck all along your windows, my lips whisper what you can hope for.

I’m everything you can hope for.
You’re everything I want right now.

Hear me moan.

There there.
Let me prepare you little plane.
Your passengers won’t need their pilots
and I bet I just heard them crunch.

There, nice and sleek:
I’m the pilot.

Little passengers, ladies and gentleman…

Fasten your seatbelts for the great plunge.
I want you.
All of you.


There you go, tickling my love button,
filling my senses with anticipatory warmth,
All wet, prepared, slick and ready,

Passengers, rejoice.
This is your time.

You made it here?
You made that effort as much as I did enjoy creating
and somehow, we’re sharing something.

Be rewarded, mortals.


I jerk my head back in pleasure and let it out moan so deep.
With my hand above my head caressing my hair my face my ears my neck I moan with delight.
My pussy quivers with desire to be met with this much anticipated toy and…

I thrust it inside, filling my tender walls
groan with satisfaction
as it slide deeper
inviting these passengers
to my moist darkness
… this

Oh dear me…
You’re all.. so.. fucking mine  :heart: :droplet: :heart:

Tickle me, tickle me hard
As you die I ride and feel you squeeze,
mold, expel these pleasurable groans,

I’m… devouring you…

Our final hug… pleased me.
… rendering me speechless.