A visual play on this essential word…

Massive is a beautiful word. Massive is a beautiful state of mind. I played with that, hoping to have you sense some of this oppressive weight and stature.

Little one.

Massive II – Tina

And then, silence.
A wide, mouth agape, silence.

Massive III – Tina

One of those destructive urges under the setting sun,
striking the visuals.

Massive IV – Tina

Nothing more than the sweet and sudden feel of towering above everything.
Nothing more than freedom.
Massive me, specifically.

Massive V – Tina

I’m playing in swirls, curls, massive gushes of cold, warm air,
water mixed in vapor like dreams shattered, gathered into legendary shapes of animals, nature, clouds again…
I brush my fingers in this fluffy layer, and it’s a thousand worlds built and destroyed all the same, can you see the beauty?
I churn my thighs and twist on myself and it’s a tornado, suddenly frozen and rebuilt, white towel around my waist and breasts, wiped in a breeze as I blow, can you see it now?

I peek down and know for sure you noticed, how much fun I had playing with an entire sky.

I’m a storm and I’m a breeze: I’m massive ❤