Wonderslug’s Tina’s shrine

I was slightly playful, at worse.


Never Ever Make Goddess Tina Mad! by the-wonderslug
I was slightly playful, at worse.

Now what this amusing game of crunching earth between my fingers doesn’t show, is the fantastic cave of secrets wonderslug and me just revealed to the world…

You have to know wonderslug.
His kindness. His presence in the community for years. His incredibly supportive words and acts. I mean it : acts.

You could argue that the little one is a fantastic collager, well respected and stylish already… but really.
He’s so much more than that.

Visit his gallery. Be happy.

So for the past year… he opened this place on deviantart and patiently poured his inspiration inside. Just like that. Just for the sake of creation and me *sigh heartily*… me to pluck what suited my taste inside this candy bag of love.

So here’s. Know what it is. Step in with respect.

This is one special place I treasure :

Wonderslug’s Tina’s shrine