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There Is No Alternative

Posted the 30-Jun-2018 on DA

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3D Rendering : KryptonLives
Writing : Scott Grildrig
Editing / Writing : Tina

Disclaimer: This story is based on the original heart-pounding renders of KryptonLives, with glorious destruction effects and countless exacting details lovingly layered on by GoddessTina. Lavish them with your praise, I merely tagged along to scribble down the unfolding fun.

Tina added : Now. Since you choose the mobile friendly version of “bombe”, you’re probably at work, in a bus, car, plane, bed or running away from someone a thousand times your size. So please, understand that what you’re about to read will probably tickle your imagination and more than that. Understand that it will affect the clarity of your decisions in the middle of a daily routine. Unless you’re under 18… I’d love to see you embarrassed after this read.

Enjoy. I demand you do~


Who can fathom your great rites

Enheduana, prayer to Innana

Sounds, sounds, sounds surrounded Tina, mounting with her ascension, churning with increasing distance into a cacophony of screams and sirens. She emerged ponderously above the shadows of towering skyscrapers into the sunlight, unabashedly warming her worshipful body, luxuriating in stolen solar kisses and the alarm of her sprawling lover.

Countless voices and horns shivered the air around her, anointing her, caressing her, acknowledging her sovereign immensity from every side with cries of fear, pleas for mercy, and prayers of supplication. She lifted her arms high over her head, sensuously swaying, combing her fingers through thick raven hair, reveling in sensations of absolute, incontestable power.

Pedestrians paused in the streets, looked up and could not look away. Drivers, caught off guard, swerved and slammed into other vehicles. Men and women jostled together, rushing towards skyscraper windows. Some stared in heart pounding terror. Some leered at her brazen nudity. A few endured only a frightened glance before fleeing for the elevators, tense with anticipation, certain that this colossal woman did not appear merely to pose among the skyscrapers.

Reactions varied across the city. Some clambered to rooftops to take pictures with the giantess, laughing while sharing them with friends. Some dropped to their knees, trembling to the core of their being, compelled to feel small and inadequate in the presence of a goddess. And believing that only through abject prayer could they achieve redemption, determinedly dragged unwilling acolytes to contribute to their groveling.

Carl swore vehemently at the traffic, shifting gears on the bus, tugging hard on the wheel. The dispatcher’s nervous tune urged him to hurry, so he cut a corner to make a turn, bouncing over the sidewalk curb, before slamming into a single, unimaginably huge toe. His passengers cried out, tossed from their seats by the sudden impact. Carl leaned forward, peering up. His shout was all the warning anyone received before fingers larger than the bus captured it, closed around it, and lifted it. A passenger screamed as her pet leapt through the open window and vanished.

The thin walls groaned and bent inwards to accommodate the huge digits. Carl gasped, clutching the steering wheel as the city buildings seemingly yanked down past him. Their ascent was rapid, and the view left no doubt the giant was a women.

Tina glanced down, down, down at the feather touch, and granted her lover an indulgent smile. She bent from her lofty height, one knee shearing through the face of a building with casual indifference.

When she arose black smoke followed, and holding in her hand a little yellow toy. She sensed those within, gripping their seats with white knuckle determination. They received a divine tour of their goddess’ body, privy to every curve, every unassailable temptation; every expression of mountainous, feminine power.

As Tina stood to her full height with her tiny prize, an approaching sound alerted her that her lover held another surprise in store. She glanced to the side and down, shifting in that direction…


Caress the detail, the divine detail

–Vladimir nabokov

“Alfa x-ray seven-seven-niner,” said air traffic control, “be aware of a reported disturbance on your path. Flight changes for final approach are pending.”

“Copy, alfa x-ray seven-seven-niner. What the hell is that all about?” asked Lance.

“Probably another goddamn drone,” said Captain Breckenridge. “Tell the crew to stow what they can and get seated.” They were still completing the landing checklist when the EGPWS alarm sounded, announcing “TERRAIN. PULL UP.” The Captain swore and reflexively jerked back on the yoke.

“Left! Left!” Lance yelled at the sight of the towering woman arising in their path. High altitude winds stirred her coal black hair as her head lifted and she turned, presenting her right shoulder. The passenger jet banked wildly, screams erupting from the cabin at the sudden change. Breckenridge gritted her teeth as a vast wall of naked flesh filled the cockpit windows.

Tina’s eyes gazed down at the city streets, spotting another tempting little bus, though it couldn’t have made the sound she was hearing. At that moment the plane. She gasped softly in reply to the hot caress of her lover. Her huge fingers clenched tightly, squeezing the little metropolitan bus.

Carl’s howl of terror vied with the passengers’ as the bus’s walls caved in around them, buckling violently, shattering windows, dislodging seats, crushing men and women with casual, unstoppable strength. In a heartbeat the interior was reduced to mangled wreckage crammed with mangled bodies and squealing survivors. The colossal fingers opened just as suddenly, and the mangled wreckage dropped. Carl, jammed up against the wheel and unable to move, wailed as they drifted endlessly down the length of her magnificent body.

Far above warm kisses from the smashed plane dribbled down the length of Tina’s arm, brushing against the side of one bare breast, rolling and crashing in flaming ruins against her. But its occupants were beyond mortal experience. Not so for Carl and the few living passengers. He spotted the ground rushing up with hideous speed, a flash of orange darted away. He braced himself.

The bus struck with terrible violence near Tina’s bare toes, its frame flattening out from the impact, hurling dismembered bodies and flaming wreckage in all directions. But she gave it no heed, intent on savoring the fleeting heat of the smashed plane.

Her dark eyes, which never once strayed from the mobs of diminutive people during this time, gleamed with dire implications. She spoke softly, “Oh ma belle… comme tu dois être impatiente pour oser me caresser sans permission.” Her towering naked body undulated with untamable desire, “Je suppose que tu aimerais que je te réveille en retour, n’est ce pas?” And she sank down slowly…


Touch has a memory.

John keats

Those directly beneath Tina stumbled and fell. The brazen presence of her lust confronted them as she crouched. Her gigantic toes sank deep into the pavement like sea-kissed beach sand. Water mains shattered beneath the earth, sending jets sluicing high into the air. Cracks sped through the streets, tracing outlines of her toes and heels. Wedges of tarmac and concrete pitched up, flinging cars and trucks about with indifferent disregard.

Her uncovered womanhood became the sky for thousands, soft and alluring, colossal and daunting. Cries of dismay reached up to her from the throats of her little toys.

And Tina felt it, the fluttering of air riven by soul searing terror. It shivered and stirred against her most intimate flesh. Three times now her lover touched her. Now it was her turn. She balanced confidently, with bare breasts pressed against her warm thighs. One hand brushed thoughtfully against her chin, while the other poised, cocked at the wrist, raised in the air as with indecision. Where to start? Where to return her affection for her lover?

She gazed from beneath long dark lashes, and made her choice.

“She’s on this side,” Gaétan yelled. People crowded the hallway, several spilling from a conference room. They pressed up against the windows and gawked, unable to comprehend what they were seeing. The walls trembled from time to time, which puzzled Gaétan, until he realized the quakes were the result of the giantess shifting to maintain her stance.

“Dear god, that’s her leg,” Candice murmured in shock. Gaétan nodded, with his face pressed up against the window he discerned the underside of one massive breast, and further off a portion of her gigantic hand. “Why is she here?” Candice demanded, “What’s she doing?”

Various ideas were traded among the spectators. Gaétan stared unblinking. Sweat trickled down his face, but he couldn’t move, he could only watch, clenching his own fingers into fists when that vast hand began to move. First it dropped, its fingers swinging until they pointed towards the ground, before moving forward.

The hairs rose on the back of Gaétan’s neck. He shoved away from the window, yelling, whirling to run, but the people behind him pressed forward, eager to see what he had seen.

Gaétan glanced back over his shoulder, his eyes wide. He shouted as enormous feminine fingers filled the windows. Windows that offer no impediment, no barrier, no stopping of such implacable might.

Tina scarcely noticed the upper stories of the skyscraper as her fingertip tore through them, ripping open rooms and halls with careless disregard. A welter of bodies, furniture, walls, and floors scattered into the air, dragged along as she reached out to poke one colossal finger at the billboard topping the adjacent building. The struts supporting it ripped from the rooftop, adding to the maelstrom of wreckage, a rain of ruin descending towards the streets below.

Her dark eyes tracked the sign as it flipped and fluttered, taking several seconds to drop the length of the building, finally crashing destructively into the thronging mobs below. Only the smallest and most nimble evaded death.

Voilà. Tu as dû me sentir,” she murmured to her lover, “et puisque c’est ta présence tout entière que je vais prendre, pourquoi rester timide ? As-tu pensé à tout ce qui nous attends?… moi j’y pense.

The taste of ardent destruction fueled an ache for more, so much more. She twisted her unbelievably huge body slowly to the right…


The sand-castle virtues are all swept away

— Jethro tull

Screams, screams, screams. The urgent ululations of her lover thrummed with complex tones of abject panic. Tina drank it all in, sweet and intoxicating. Her fingers tingled, remembering the way the skyscraper broke against them, the pleasure of dislodging the little sign. One brief touch only enhanced her yearning for more.

She stretched out her right arm, a smile upon her lips, electric with anticipation. Her eyes widened with hungry intensity, gazing down upon the cluster of buildings before her. Hotels and high rise offices, apartments and businesses, they represented the labor of decades, the effort countless thousands. Each one contained a myriad of helpless innocents.

Body and soul, they belonged to her now.

“Can’t they move any faster?” Bedisa complained. She had good reason to be irritated, first because some idiot pulled a fire alarm, and now the stairwell echoed with pulsing shrieks accompanying intense flashes of strobing light. Second, the stairs were unwisely packed, with more people pouring in through the doors at every floor. The rate of descent slowed to an agonizing pace. But the thing irking her most was Tim’s unwavering focus on his phone’s images of the massive naked woman causing all of this commotion.

“Pay attention!” Bedisa growled, swiping at his hand. Tim dodged the motion with practiced ease. “If I trip over you…” she threatened.

“But don’t you…” Tim began, he stopped trying to talk as they inched past a klaxon, covering their ears against for the little protection it offered. “Don’t you want to know what’s going on outside?” he finished.

“I don’t give a damn,” said Bedisa.

“You should, she’s close. Look, there’s the insurance company on 7th Avenue, the one with that gaudy sign you always hated.”

Bedisa glanced at the screen. “I don’t see a sign,” she said.

“Yeah, the big girl just knocked off.”

“Good. What the fuck is the hold up!” Bedisa yelled in exasperation as the mass of people came to a halt.

“I’m trying to see where she is in relation to us. Damn it, get that furry thing off the webcam! Wait, I think I have it…oh no,” Tim turned pale and roughly shoved his way to the next landing. “We have to get out of here,” he yelled. “Get to an elevator!”

“But you dragged me to these damned stairs!” Bedisa growled. She caught a glimpse on the phone of the giantess moving. In the distance a rumble of thunder sounded, like mountains grinding together, deep and ominous; swiftly growing louder.

People swore as Tim clawed his way to the door, squirming past the people surging into the stairwell. The crunching noises increased, drowning out the angry yelling. Without warning the building canted, pitching to the side, spilling men and women on top of each other. Bedisa howled as she vanished beneath a tumbling pile of shrieking, terrified people. The walls imploded, caving in, sending girders stabbing bloodily into the packed bodies, which fell as the stairs collapsed.


Tina swung her gigantic hand with gleeful violence into a row of buildings, her dark hair flying; her heavy breasts swaying. Concrete and steel yielded to her rough caress, no match for her strength. Her powerful fingers tore through the guts of high rises like a scythe, sent others spinning through the air. She knocked them over, wrecked and ravaged them. Every crashing building, every crushed little body, every delicious crunch of breaking concrete fed her insatiable craving for destruction.

She drew a deep breath, drawing into herself the scent of smoke and building dust, the tang of blood, the ozone of crackling electricity and freely gushing water. Lust suffused her, a joyful delight in the wanton devastation of her consort.

Turning away from the ravaged city blocks, she set her sights upon another section of the city, and dropped forward heavily onto her hands and knees…


The first kiss is the deepest

— Nadège Richards

“She’s heading this way!” yelled Meena, and she frantically dragged at her cameraman who squinted up at the giantess through his viewfinder, unable to tear himself away, frozen like small animal caught at night in the middle of a country road.

“It’s too late,” said Jerry. Meena cursed angrily as vast strands of hair, darker than midnight, draped around the roof of the office building where they were capturing their footage. Breath hot as tropical passion washed around them, tugging at their bodies, threatening to blow them away. She looked up and whimpered at the vast smiling lips hanging in the sky above them.

J’ai entendu vos cris et senti la caresse de ton désir pour moi, ma ville,” Tina purred, her words relentlessly pounding the two people flat against the roof, the gravel bouncing and dancing with each thunderous utterance, “Et je veux te goûter… N’est-ce pas ce que nous désirons toutes deux?

Meena screamed shrilly as those sensual lips lowered and parted, revealed their cavernous interior, the massive plain of the giantess’ tongue. Jerry grabbed at her and tried to pull her away, but there was no place to run. They vanished beneath a kiss that was completely unaware of their minute existence. Their puny, insignificant bodies pinned down and pressed against the roof, until breaking with little crunches.

Tina growled softly as her lips embraced the upper stories of the building, her tongue poking at it playfully. When she lifted her head the evidence of her ardor remained painted upon the outer walls, and the smile remained on her lips, along with two minuscule specks she unknowingly licked away.

Motion in the streets drew her attention. Cars and trucks, the flashing lights of a police car, a stampede of tiny men and women. They all exuded a sense of abject panic, she basked in it, but she needed more, she wanted it to fill her senses.

Je t’ai donné un baiser,” she said playfully. “Ne veux tu pas me le rendre ?” Howls of fear chased the shadow of her hand as she reached out over the road. “D’où pourrait il bien venir…? Mmm…” she asked, leaving the question hanging in the air.


Those below realized her intentions, but had no way to stop or evade her as she brought down one devastatingly massive finger. It impacted the street, crumpling a car, crushing it deep into the pavement, which buckled and sank.

Eenie,” said Tina, as she drew her finger back past a flash of orange, and fleeing tiny people, who ducked as shattered tarmac and pieces of cars flew around them.

Meenie,” she added, the destruction causing her eyes to gleam as cars were flattened, those within squished messily into the vast furrow being drawn in the flesh of the city.

Miney,” she continued, sending a cop car tumbling sideways, rolling. The ruinous sound reverberating in the space between the buildings. The foundations of one building slumped, creating huge cracks in its facade.

Mo,” Tina concluded, drawing a heart shape around a collection of cars and people caught in an intersection.

Sitting back, she braced that hand upon a convenient building, grasping it, unaware and uncaring of the terror inflicted upon those inside. Her attention focused intently on those trapped within the borders of the sketch she drew.

She reached down…


Beauty is merciless

— Nikos Kazantzakis

“Faster!” Ethan urged, he was twisted around in his seat, staring back at the gigantic finger sliding towards them. It plowed through a van, catching it, pinning it, and crushing it flat in one smooth motion. A cop car fared little better, sent rolling wildly through the spray of rubble, bouncing over and narrowly missing somebody’s fleeing pet.

Xiang jammed the pedal down. The car leapt forward, weaving past slower vehicles. But that only brought them closer to the body of the giantess. Xiang leaned forward as he spotted an intersection.

“This is it!” Ethan yelled. The finger was scarcely a car length away. He slammed into the door as Xiang spun the wheel to the left. Rubber squealed, the car slid sideways, crashing into a white sedan, which slowed its forward momentum enough for the tires to grip the road. But it was too late.

The towering finger also went left, but cut more sharply, curving around them, carving a deep channel through the street, effortlessly shattering the tarmac, sending chunks of it slamming down noisily onto the their car. Xiang threw the transmission into reverse, the car lurched back, but its escape was blocked.

“Out!” he yelled, and the two men tumbled from the car, running wildly. The finger circled around, ripping up the road, completing the trap.


Tu sens ce que j’ai dessiné en toi, en vous tous?” said Tina. “Comparé au mien, ce coeur n’est rien. Laissez moi vous montrer…

Her fingers speared down into the ground with disdainful ease, curling beneath the intersection. Those still in their cars clutched at their steering wheels as they rocked heavily back and forth. Xiang and Ethan fell and scuttled away from vast cracks tearing through the road. Tina lifted them all, ripping a sizeable section of the intersection, lifting it between her mountainous breasts.

Ecoute,” she whispered. “Ecoute ce que tu fais naître en moi,” and in the ensuing silence, held close enough to her bare breasts that they could have touched it, if they dared, the two men heard the indomitable pounding of her mighty heart. After a long moment she brought them higher, into the regard of her dark eyes.

Vous avez entendu?” she asked. “Je sais que vous avez entendu. Votre peur est dans l’air que j’inhale, puissante et charnelle. Elle m’excite et m’inonde. Laissez moi vous pétrir, vous écrabouiller… et m’en donner tellement plus.

With that her colossal fingers slowly curled inwards.

Xiang howled as a jagged crack opened beneath him. He vanished from sight. Ethan lunged forward, but more chasms tore through the buckling piece of road, cutting him off. The cars tipped at crazy angles, those inside could be seen fighting to open doors and windows. Horns sounded. Windows broke, and the cries of frightened people filled the air, vying with the more distant noise of the panic stricken city.

Tina watched it all, smiling in delight as her fingers closed. One of the tiny men clambered frantically over the roof of a car as it crumpled beneath him, its passengers savagely crushed to death, staining the windows with gore. He flung himself away as more broken cars came together. But his jump was ill-timed, leaving him caught between unforgiving walls of steel. Tina tightened her fist. The man’s head flung back as his chest and back were compressed. He died, screaming out his blood and guts, staring up into her dark eyes.

Tina continued squeezing, enjoying the complex crunches, the delicious feeling of limitless power. And when done, she nuzzled the smoking wreckage with her lips.

Tu es si tendre avec moi,” she purred. Turning her hand over, she carelessly pressed it against the ground, dismissing those so recently killed, as she pushed herself back up onto her hands and knees.

There was still so much more of her lover to enjoy…


Woman, nude, is the blue sky

— Victor Hugo

Tina slowly crawled over rows of buildings, inflicting upon the city a series of nerve-wracking quakes. Dust and dirt adorned her naked body, kisses of destruction. High rises shattered into thunderous ruin as she playfully swung her knees through them, or crushed them flat beneath her vast hands.

Je te veux,” Tina murmured as she sought for a place to press herself against her lover, “Je veux te sentir contre moi.” She gazed down at the swarms of people beneath her, but it was the buildings that made her heart pound with their smooth straight lines and countless little windows.

“Wait! Wait!” Clara shrieked. She grabbed Bill’s arm and tugged wildly towards a side alley. He stumbled, but recovered quickly, nearly tripping over something that flashed underfoot. A moment later a gigantic hand came down upon the cars and people in the street behind them, mercilessly driving everything deep into the bedrock with horrific crunching sounds.

A dark shadow obliterated the sky. Clara glanced up. One impossibly huge breast passed overhead, just a thin strip of it visible in the space between the buildings. “Oh god, we’re under her,” she moaned, “go back! Go back!”

“Too late,” Bill panted, putting an arm out to stop her before they emerged into the next street over. “This might be the safest place to hole up, if she keeps going.”

The ground bucked beneath them, each heave of the pavement measuring the ponderous movement of the giantess. Bill pointed, and they watched in trembling awe as she swung her knee forward and into a skyscraper, striking near its midsection. It was no contest. The middle stories crumbled inwards, sending an explosion of spinning rubble bursting out in all directions. The top of the skyscraper canted back towards her thigh, while her knee pressed down upon the lower rooms with a continuous concussion of rending sounds. The upper portion dissolved, spilling down the sides of her thigh, adding to a billowing wall of brown dust that blasted through the narrow alley.

J’ai envie de toi,” the voice of the giantess rumbled from on high, sweet and salacious, thrumming with unbridled passion. “Mon corps a faim et besoin de toi. Besoin de te sentir, de se serrer contre toi, de s’écraser et se caresser sur tes rues. Je n’en peux plus.

“What’s she saying?” Clara yelled, as she brushed at the ubiquitous dirt covering her body, shaking it from her hair, blinking it from her eyes. Bill coughed and shook his head, he grabbed her hand.

“We should move now,” he said, and he led the way out of the alley. They looked around, it was hard to see the buildings through the dusty miasma. Ominous sounds of destruction reverberated from all sides. But it wasn’t until Clara looked up that they realized what was unfolding. She struck Bill with her fists, forcing him to look up too.

Hundreds of feet above a dark triangle of black, curly hairs descended towards them…


We need the tonic of wildness

— Henry David Thoreau

Tina drew out the moment last as long as possible, teasing her lover and herself, eagerly measuring the long shadows her colossal body drew upon the rows of buildings below. Rooftops yielded to her legs and hips, shoved aside, sent crashing into shattered wreckage that bounced and rolled for several blocks in every direction.

She braced her hands, which covered the city streets, curling her huge fingers into cars and people, allowing her to guide her massive breasts towards a tempting line of structures.

Bill grabbed Clara, who stumbled, unable to look away from the annihilation as she was pulled towards a fallen motorcycle. The key was in it. He levered it upright and climbed on. The engine came to life with a roar. Clara flinched as the giantess’ hips impacted the buildings above them, her thunderous moans echoing to the horizon while her womanhood ground down into the fragile towers of concrete and steel.

“Let me!” Clara yelled, climbing in front of Bill as rubble began crashing around them. He stiffened, but she slapped his thigh, and grabbed his hand, indicating that he should hold on. He wrapped his arms around her, and they both leaned forward as she took off.

Their sky was an endless expanse of warm feminine flesh, pressing down upon building after building. Rooftops caved in on upper stories, compressing ceilings onto floors, mercilessly crushing the screaming people trapped within. The space afforded them narrowed with every passing second.

Clara narrowed her eyes, concentrating on the path before her, winding wildly between abandoned cars, fleeing people, and an orange streak. Behind them crashing ruin avalanched down upon anyone who moved too slow, or paused to look up. Their epitaph was the sound of playful pleasure from the sensual goddess pressing her curvaceous body deep into the crumbling caresses of her helpless lover.

The endless rolling cacophony of continuous destruction made talking impossible. Bill clutched Clara. He glanced up at the vast form of the huge women, but was seized by vertigo, and had to stop. Glancing ahead he beheld with mounting terror the smooth undersides of her mountainous breasts slowly descending. They sped beneath her left breast close enough to feel the heat of her womanly flesh. Clara yelled as she spotted the cul-de-sac before them. She twisted the bike into a sideways skid.. The bike’s tires squealed uselessly until they slammed into the curb, flipping them up against the wall of a building.

Far above came ominous crunching sounds of riven stone and twisting metal, as a single ponderous mass of tit flesh pressed down upon the building.

Donne toi,” Tina purred, “laisse ton corps se briser contre le mien, ma belle,” and she nuzzled her right breast into the building before her, her eyes cast down, avidly drinking in the sight of its many stories caving in as her rock hard nipple ripped through it. Walls shattered, and the entire edifice tipped towards her, torn from its foundations by the incontestable weight of her breast. As she felt it compacting under her weight, she turned her attention to her other tit, her soft lips pursed in pleasure as she guided it towards the next building.

Clara crawled across the pavement, screaming in impotent rage, while overhead the giantess playfully drove her hard nipple into the fragile office building. Debris rained down around Clara, rubble dislodged from the rooftop, while cracks tore through the walls. The air pounded her with pulses of deafening destruction. She glanced back at Bill just as a massive section of wall slammed down onto him, sending gore splashing in all directions.

The building tipped backwards, pushed beyond endurance by the passionate force grinding into it. Clara stared, unable to look away or close her eyes, as a wall of naked flesh sank down closer and closer, she drew breath for a final howl before it covered her.

Amidst the dry crumbling of the buildings Tina felt kisses, and knew them to be from her lover, little moist smears adorning her bare tits. She moaned needfully, pressing her heavy breasts deep into the guts of the buildings, crushing them beyond recognition, stirring her aching nipples into the hot, smoldering rubble.

A fire raged within her, wild and wanton, eager and untamable…


Let me feel how thy pulses beat

— Thomas Middleton

Est ce que tu réalises ce que tu me fais?” Tina groaned in delight, as she undulated over the face of her city, intent upon the tactile sensations of breaking building beneath her, keen to leave nothing recognizable of the structures she had crushed.

When she was done, her huge breast lifted from the wreckage of the high rise, some of which clung to her warm flesh, before cascading back down upon the ruin below, narrowing missing a flitting form. She raised her left arm with lazy, languish ease. The city spooned around her, intact skyscrapers and office buildings nuzzling her belly, her back, her ass. It felt luxurious, like countless fingers of stone and steel licking and teasing her.

Lifting her left leg into the air, she swung it to the side, scarcely clearing the rooftops of a line of buildings. The motion caused a gathering wetness to trickle down between her thighs, which only increased as her huge bare toes curled down onto a cluster of apartments. Straightening her legs, she shoved the structure into each other, along with all those little ones trapped inside, plowing through their homes, sending them crashing and smashing to either side like a wake through water. The eradication of so many carefully wrought edifices made her tingle, and she stretched her massive body to ease the tension within her, moaning softly with immense longing. But the desire she felt demanded attention.

Vous continuez à m’exciter pour votre propre perte,” she growled softly. More buildings shattered and caved in beneath her colossal back, ass, and thighs as she completely rolled over, shaking the city with quake after quake, leaving her lying spread-eagled in the midst of her city.

Smoke curled up around her naked body, while her lover conveyed its terror to her in the language of screams and sirens, from all those trying to flee. Their shrill panic fed the delicious power lust coursing through Tina’s veins.

Turning her head to the side afforded her a view down one of the city streets. From this vantage she beheld those little living mites more clearly than ever before. The avenue churned with miniscule men and women, car brake lights winked on and off as they inched along slowly. The strobing flash of emergency vehicles reflected off the skyscraper windows. All of the horror, all of the dread, all of the cruel death and delicious destruction, it was all for her. As she drank it all in another bead of nectar dribbled down the length of her throbbing sex.

N’espére aucune pitié,” she murmured to the city. “Je te veux toute. Je vous prendrais tous.” She slowly lifted, bracing herself with her right hand. As she rose she bent her legs, drawing her huge bare toes back over everything in their path: structures, cars, and people.

She gazed beneath her long eyelashes at the tempting buildings between her thighs…


She was power

— Michael Walterich

“For god’s sake,” Jamal yelled from the windows, “break it down before she gets to us!”

But it was quite hopeless. A crack in the wall from unceasing tremors had passed over the only exit from the conference room, its presence causing the frame to twist; leaving the heavy oaken door hopelessly jammed in place. Four men repeatedly slammed the corner of the conference room table against it.

The sight outside froze Jamal’s blood.

She sat before them, towering in size, brazen in her nudity, with legs wantonly spread; encompassing entire city blocks, alluring and intimidating. Jamal had to press close to the glass to view the undersides of her mountainous breasts, she was that close to them.

Her nether lips, soft and alluring, rose to the height of several stories, glistening with unabashed arousal. The scent of her sex filled the air, musky and potent, so that every man and woman around her was forced to taste her presence.

Prends moi,” her voice thundered from above. Jamal flinched as she leaned forward, reaching down with one great hand. It passed from sight to the side, but returned a moment later with a loud crashing sound, as she casually dragged an entire building between her thighs.

It was amazing the structure didn’t immediately collapse. Its lower stories were scoured away as she pulled it between her gigantic thighs. Jamal spotted thronging crowds in the street vanishing beneath it, their bodies smeared to a pulp. They never had a chance. Nor did she care, as she wantonly ground the skyscraper against herself, rubbing it over her huge vulva, using it for her pleasure.

It was no contest. Her massive fingers sank into the concrete walls as she used her toy. Steel girders dislodged from their supports pierced the sides. The crushed bodies of men and women burst from the windows.

N’espère pas me satisfaire avec des chatouilles!” cried out the giantess, “pas quand j’ai besoin d’être prise!” and she savagely broke the building against her pussy with unstoppable lust, shattering it against her clitoris, massaging it into her moist folds, washing the rubble up and down against herself.

She reached out again, and Jamal staggered back from the window as her gigantic hand flashed by. “Get that damned door open!” he howled. It was pandemonium in the conference room. One of the men started attacking the wall with a broken chair, trying to tear through it.

A shadow darkened the view. Jamal turned and stared as a second building was unceremoniously tugged towards the giantess’ dripping pussy. This time it was close enough that he could see the men and women inside. They staggered as their building bounced and slid across the field of smoldering rubble, narrowly missing a tiny darting form. Nothing could save them as their captor pinned the skyscraper against herself, lifting the entire building in her grasp as she eagerly masturbated with it. Huge chunks of the façade flicked into the air from the merciless assault, and her juices stained the tumbling wreckage. Men and women tumbled from a window onto her nether lips, but they were no match for her ardor. They squished messily as she played.

Her mighty fingers clenched. The skyscraper imploded within her grasp, crunching thunderously, with the riven fragments avalanching onto the remains of the first building as she wildly stroked it against her insatiable pussy.

Jamal heard the frustrated lust in her voice as she leaned forward, sliding her wet, dripping womanhood through the smoldering debris of buildings.

Assez,” she growled, “Je te veux. Je veux te sentir en moi. Prends moi de ton corps, mon amour. Prends moi et fais moi jouir.

Jamal howled as his building rocked violently…


Ô, the wine of a woman from heaven is sent

— Roman Payne

Tina mounted her lover, pressing some of the buildings over, trapping them between her smooth thighs. She braced herself on her hands, her huge fingers crushing cars and people with gleeful indifference. All that mattered was her lust. Her cunt was a raging inferno, hot and wet from the coy advances of her lover.

She gazed down between her heavy tits. Far below she spotted tiny people in the windows of the building pressed beneath her tingling vulva, frightened little men and women, helpless in the presence of her unchecked arousal.

She tossed her head back, so her black hair flew about her shoulders, and began to move.

The sound dragged Jamal back to consciousness. Loud and rasping, wet with the ominous crunching of reinforced concrete. He lay flat against the wall, pinned down by the long conference table, surrounded by groaning people. He blinked his eyes and looked up. Through the windows he beheld an endless expanse of moist flesh sliding over the face of the building with thunderous slurping sounds. It took him a moment to realize what he was seeing. That galvanized him, and he frantically heaved at the heavy table, trying to dislodge it.

Tina moaned with delight. “Oui… juste la mon amour… mais plus fort, tellement plus fort!” and her hips slid back and forth with increasing urgency.

Jamal flinched as the windows cracked from the pressure, he mewed in quivering terror. The glass crashed inwards, with part of the wall buckling beneath the giantess’s vulva. Hot, scalding fuck juices flooded into the room, flowing down the walls, dripping on the screaming men and women, who slipped in the giantess’ cum as they fought to claw open the door.

A shaft of light speared into the room as their massive lover shifted back a little further. Jamal saw up the curving expanse of her mons, just a brief glimpse of her towering body undulating over him in primal desire. She slide her hips forward, and her hard clit gouged a furrow through the façade. Debris crashed down around Jamal. He yelled out in pure animal panic at the sight of so much raw feminine power. Her motions increased in tempo as she passionately rode her lover. The skyscraper rocked back and forth between her thighs as she used it, roughly grinding her gorgeous cunt against it in mounting ecstasy.

Tina abandoned herself to the surging lust washing through her naked body. The screams of panic, the sirens; the smell of building dust and fires, and the gritty, crunching destruction against her pussy pushed her to the trembling edge of no return.

Baise moi,” she purred. “Baise moi,” she cried out louder. “Baise moi !” she screamed, and she curled her fingers beneath the building and pressed it up against herself.

The room shuddered violently, lifting against the soft nether lips pressing into it. Long cracks tore through the walls. Jamal panted in an extremity of fear. The words of the giantess drummed through him, stunning him with their savage power. And then without warning the building was forced up against her wet cunt. Vast portions of the structure broke against her sensitive folds, but her moist nether lips parted, and the room Jamal cowered in was thrust into her. Hot nectar slammed into his body, covering his face, filling his screaming mouth. The walls around him were torn back.

A single vast finger pushed against the wall behind Jamal, carrying him along with the others. Humid darkness enveloped him, carrying him to the merciless depths of her pussy. Slippery juices swirled around into him, and bubbles frothed from his shrieking mouth as she fucked him to death.

Tina rode her curling fingers, grinding into the remains of the building. Her cunt clenched with feverous pleasure. She arched her back, writhing on the cusp of release, and her window shattering shriek of “Oui!” was the last thing Jamal heard as she crushed his guts out inside of her, smearing his puny body around with the others, as she came all over them.

The entire city shook in the merciless grip of her orgasms…


I like my afterglow with you in motion

— Jeniffer Crusie

Immense pleasures suffused Tina’s colossal body. She writhed in delirious delight, humping against the buildings between her thighs, fingering everything within reach into the burning crux of her lust. And those terrified men and women who found themselves caught, were plunged into an unceasing storm of erotic destruction. Each time she felt her climax ebbing another tsunami of arousal gushed through her, and she saturated the heavens with her cries of pleasure.

Finally, in the extremity of her passion, she hurled herself backwards into the embrace of her lover. The ground shattering impact ripped skyscrapers from their foundations, sent them crashing over. She writhed upon them, her arms swinging through once towering edifices, her legs sliding over structures, her fingers grasping the hiding places of cowering people, squeezing the walls around them, while her bare toes kicked through rows of buildings.

Tina squirmed like a kitten in catnip, her massive body smitten by the waves of ecstasy emanating from her cunt. They faded slowly, sometimes surging without warning, leaving her breathless and wreathed in smiles. Lifting one hand she brushed her dark tresses from her face and gazed askance at her lover.

It was a scene of unbelievable carnage. Pulverized skyscrapers piled upon each other in a mad jumble. Between them lay the flattened remains of cars amidst grisly smears that a short while ago used to be living, breathing people. She purred, basking in the sight of her incontestable power.

Tu as été bonne pour moi,” she said to her city, “mais regarde comme tu es ravagée ! Vais je devoir attendre que tu sois forte de nouveau pour que nous fassions l’amour? Mon plaisir est impérieux. Maintenant tu sais à quel point c’est vrai.” She traced one hand playfully through the rubble, sifting it, lifting it and letting it fall from her fingers.

Alors dites moi, petits survivants… ” she purred, with a dangerous gleam in her dark eyes. “… Si vous m’aimez vraiment, si vous voulez vivre et me voir encore… soyez gentils.” She stretched her massive body over the remains of her lover, “Il y en a d’autres, des villes comme la votre ?

… end …