Claudio lous, italian style.

Italian, or better Neapolitan, class ’85.
Cartoonist and illustrator by chance.
Passionate about European comics and macrophilia.
Claudio lous started to get excited about size differences tardily and immediately fell in love with them.
Original and stylish, meet him here and follow:
Treasures aren’t always this easy to catch.

Your first time

Los Retrovisores, “I Forgot About You” ( found on aborigen’s wonderful blog)

Everyone gets their first time. Everyone should, to the very least, get them.
“I can’t. I don’t know where to start. I’m uninspired.”
Don’t even think about it. It’s all about getting started or, in the case of little cameron: being seized, commanded, trusted in and waited for.

So here’s little cameron’s firsts story, freshly brewed out of the café and hopefully, the first of a long series.

Cameron’s first time

Letting out an exasperated grunt, Cameron allowed his forehead to fall onto his laptop, making a loud thunk. He had been trying for five days now to write a short story for Tina at her request. No, her demand. The ideas just weren’t coming. He had wanted to put together a piece of writing for years, however he had never done so. Sure, there were attempts, but he never posted anything, or shared it with anyone. The only thing he had ever done was a few chapters on interactive stories online. That wasn’t the same though. He just didn’t have the confidence in his writing. It was never his strong suit. Seeing all the quality stories posted around only reinforced those negative beliefs inside of him. He always had ideas, sure. But trying to actually flesh out those ideas into full creations was just a challenge he never seemed prepared for. Better to perhaps commision such plans, so they were done justice.

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