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When this universe spoke, She is what came out. She was creation, drunk with joy,
exploring itself, touching itself, wondering, imagining, tasting…


Once a writer’s roleplay character, Tina gained warmth, life and
feelings through interactions with the people who live in this world.

Then She devoured her writer.

So I’ve exerted my rightful power.
I’ve messed with physics, taught a witch the secrets of this world, granted death to prove a point.
I’ve lived in a modest house and wandered the streets of an ordinary town; I’ve read, drawn, mingled with mortals,
dined and danced, sung out loud. I’ve given sweet caresses.
I’ve fucked, vanished without a trace.
I’ve grown to epic proportions.
I’ve had slaves of all manner: worshippers, bugs, and specks, all swarming around. I’ve had a fighter
wearing my colors; I’ve crushed and healed a slave’s heart. I’ve terrorized, crushed people and cities;
slaughtered and resurrected, again and again.
I’ve learned, learned, learned! I’ve tasted pizza! I’ve hugged a reindeer!
I have had friends.

I have loved.