The cyootest interview with Mandy


Amanda the forsaken, mandy the pants, mandy the silly, mandu… Mandy is a wonderful giant and personality. Mandy is a terrific writer. Mandy is cruel. Mandy is playful. Mandy is silly. Mandy is the cyootest in every possible way.

On Math, feet, domination and submission, on being a giantess and telling fatalist stories… read her:

Mandy is proudly herself.

Mandy can be witnessed here :
Mandy has written this. It’s short. It tells a lovely story :
Mandy gets tip. Just because :
And mandy replies :

Now let’s interview this absolute delight of a woman, proudly existing, inspiring above all!

Recorded on Discord : 08/21/2018


Mandy the pants – XD
It’s 3:00 now, but yes.
So how we doing this? o,o I never been interviewed before.

Tina – Well we already started!

M – Oh!

T – I decided we did

M –  Hi Internet!

T – the internet says hi back. It’s nice and polite. And it asks a question, like in interviews
So… o o o o o… What are you, mandy?

M – What am I? I would say I am a mixture of Carbon, Hydrogen, Helium, and other atomic compounds. But most notably, an internet GTS enthusiast and writer.
The Helium is because I’m so light.~

T – Light you say? Are giantesses supposed to be light? Are you a giantess Mandu?

M – Sometimes! I’m what’s referred to as a ‘Switch’! I like to be the stompy big one, or a tiny little cutie. It VASTLY depends, but my default is playing with the little ones, on average. After all, I’m usually a giantess, or surrounded by my shrunken victims in my stories.

T – Well. I have proofs for the big stompy one.


Just Business by JamesMason0


I’m pretty sure I have. Especially with your excellent stories which we’ll need to talk about later but…
Let’s begin with the Switch aspect. So… what make things VASTLY depend?
Is it about your surroundings? your partners? the intimacy?

M – Well, the ever-changing libido of the Mandy is a hard-to-expect thing. Some days, I HAVE to be one or the other. Sometimes, my choice of partner matters, and sometimes, it depends on the kind of interaction I want. I could be perfectly fine as the big one, and in the middle of a story, I feel like writing something as the small one. It’s mildly frustrating at times, but in RP, a good partner can make it work.

T – I nod thoughfully to this.
This is how you always felt to me.
A water current, everchanging and singing under the trees. Sometimes almost silent, sometimes crashing and vigorous.
So there’s mood. There’s libido. There’s relationship.
What is the most important to you in a relationship?

M – Depends. Personally, it’s sharing one’s feelings, but sexually… I suppose it’s mostly understanding the basic rules of Dom/Sub relationships, which is something I tell all of my long-term partners about.

T – Would you like to share these rules with those not familiar with them?

M – The basic rules are pretty simple. In a D&S relationship, the responsiblity of the Sub being happy is on the Dom. The Dom gets to do anything they want so long as the Sub is happy. The Sub’s job is to veto anything that makes them uncomfortable. That’s Rule 1.
Rule 2 is that under no circumstances should a Dom use the relationship to personally enrich themself at the expense of a Sub, unless agreed upon outside of the relationship.
Those are my two big ones.

T – When put like this… it almost seems like all the empathy and care is on the Dom’s behalf. I’m almost tempted to add a third rule… but… what would be your third rule?

M – I’d say the two are the only ones that are broad enough to apply to everyone. I don’t recall…. Any that are of broad importance from there. Then again, I have a terrible memory. XD
I mean, I wrote 20+ pages of rules for divine characters in RP once, and I forgot em all. XD

T – Rules are boring, aren’t they.

M – They can be, but they also give you a framework to work around.

T – A moving framework!
But here, before we jump on another topic… What is the link between a Dom/Sub relationship and the G/t aspects, to you?
Is it as simple as ooooh I’m tiny, and therefore, sub?

M – It’s an extension, but not necessarily a 1:1.
I’ve done RP where a clever tiny uses a shock collar on a GTS.
The D/S roles are then reversed.

T – Such power
So you’re outright saying it’s an extension?

M – In a sense, the size dynamic is all about a potential to enforce one’s will.
Even in gentle, it’s so simple as ‘Let me bathe you, sweetie’.

T – “Let me bathe you, sweetie”
Is this something you could have written?

M – >.> Maaaaybe.
I may have bathed a tiny boy in my sink once or twice.

T – Aww! Was he happy about it?

M – When I got my fingers on him, he was VERY happy. Ahem

T – Because you’re cyoot. He was a connoisseur of cyootness.
Tell me.
you know this famous question… “Are u a cruel gts?”
Does it really make any sense? Does it ever make any sense, to you?

M – Not really, no. The question implies that I’m only ever cruel. I kind of pioneered something called the ‘playful’ GTS. Cruel when it suits me, gentle when it suits me, neutral when neither suits me.
To only be one or the other means you don’t want the full range of emotions in rp. How do you get tiny ones to behave without repercussions? How do you get slaves to love you without some sweetness?
It’s a spectrum of action, and I prefers somewhere in the middle.
Is da best.
But I DO love stepping on things…

T – So. What is being a giantess to you? What does it mean? Power? Heavy soles?

M – It’s not being short! XD I’m 5’1″ after all!
The power is fun, and feeling little lives fall in love with you is also incredibly powerful to witness.
There is very little (pun intended) that compares with an inch-tall person kissing your sole in passion, looking up, and saying ‘I love you’.

Hmm… cough cough .. yes

M – Seeee?~
It’s lovely.

T – It’s perfect
sigh heartily
But the interview!

M – Mhm.~

T – I was honestly humbled when you said that you pioneered the “playful” giantess. I thought the first occurences of it were scott grildrig’s stories for me…
Just how long have you been active in the community? And how many communities have you seen actually?

M – I was doing it SOME back in high school, before I got on dA. But I’d say my notable period as a GTS started in… Maybe ’09 on Gaiaonline. After that, I fiddled with Giantesscity, then dA, then was one of the testers for GTSLove (RIP).
I’ve been on Eccentricities (Rexar’s site), F-List, and FurAffinity to lesser degrees. As well as Aion Size RP.

T – That’s quite a lot indeed! And I know mandu has a terrible memory, she said it but… what is one of her fond souvenir of this career as the most silly playful cruel gentle gts around?
You know… one of these moments when you tell yourself : “Wow. Fuck. Wow.”

M – That’s tough… I’d suppose my favorite takeaway is my friends. Meeting Mk and him not telling me to screw off when I wanted someone I could work with was pretty big. Sparky was the same way when I joined FA, and one of my oldest friends, Zion, welcomed me to a Gaia guild the same way. It’s heart-warming, and I’d say those moments will brighten my days no matter what. I was a doofy girl with no REAL experience aside from some science knowledge, and they honed me into what I am. They all still check on me from time to time, and I’ve made more friends as a result. Too many to count, really. I can’t really RANK them, either…

T – Don’t!
Friends are friends. Period.

M – Precisely.
I felt the need to mention the ones that came to me when no one there really knew me.
That takes a lot of gall.

T – Well they couldn’t miss you, honestly. I’m quite sure a certain mk would say that right now.

M – He’s a flatterer.~

T – And lucky to be in this interview if you ask me giggles

M – Well, I’m name-dropping a few people.~

T – Well, dropping your name on people certainly remains on topic.

M – Mhm?
What about it?

T – Sciieeeeeeeennce!
Well exactly that.
What about it, mandy?

M – We gonna science the shit outta this interview?

T – Yes. And analyze it. And put it in a beaker. And boil it. And shrink it. And

M – Electrolysis, and pressure treating…

T – Tons and newtons

M – Hydro-dip it so it looks cool.
What you wanna talk about the science of?

T – We can definitely talk about the science of interview. And in this case… it’d be to jump on the fact that you said science to ask you this question :
What is mandy science?
Er… no. yes. Why not. Does it makes sense?

M – Science as done by Mandy?

T – Voila!

M – Typically lots of math.
I was a Physics major in college, before I dropped out because money.
So I learned a LOT of Math.

T – You liked maths? Did maths like you?

M – Math is impartial. It likes NOBODY.

T – Maths are cruel!

M – I was good at Math, as long as I didn’t have to do proofs.

T – Who needs proofs anyway.

M – Proofs required good memory, which I don’t have.

But about… Late high school or early college, I started using scientific principles to calculate what was possible at some heights.

T – I’m very listening.

M – For example, I measured the amount of tongue I could comfortably measure, expanded that out to about ten feet, and used that ratio to change me from 61 inches to x height.

Bam. Height I’d need to be to comfortably vore someone.

By the time I tried all those measurements to comfortably do each kind of interaction, I arrived at between 120-something feet to 300.

Makes typical humans around Lego sized.~

Give or take.

T –



M – I believe it was closer to 150, though…?

I don’t remember.

This was almost 10 years ago. XD

T – Noooooo?


I was about to ask you if these calculations gave you a more real perception of each and every interactions.

M – Oh, certainly.

T – Well. I can imagine a lego.

M – If I could VISUALIZE the size disparity, it was way easier.

Once, I was fighting another GTS in a city, and a BIGGER one shows up and starts innocently playing with us.

We were ~120-ish feet tall, but she was 800.


And that was the hottest thing I’d been involved in at the time.

T – laugh Barbie sizes are highly underrated if you ask me

Or ken

M – I know, right? I prefer my toys between half an inch and 6 inches by comparison.

Anything bigger is really just a midget, and anything smaller borders on impossible to reasonably interact with.

T – Barbie is a midget though.

M – I’d have to re-measure my Barbies, which I don’t have…

T – Hmm… let me see…

6 inches.


She looks 6 inches, definitely.

Not a midget.

M – But yeah. Just like I don’t care much to be over the height of a skyscraper, I don’t care to have tiny ones squishing when I touch them.

It’s all about the one-on-one interactions for me.

T – All in all, intimacy

… yes?

M – Mhm!

T – YES!

M – Absolutely.


I like this word. Can we make it sound ominous, please?

M – If they squish by me touching them, how am I supposed to pin them underfoot?

T – Well yes. How can you apply the first rule of dom/sub to them if they squish?

M – The goal is… Puts on sunglasses UNLIMITED INTIMACY!

T – Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

M – Horns

T – flails


M – Dances

T – wriggles and gets INTIMATE


M – But interaction is very important, especially when you’re as interested in fatalism as I am.

Lights candles

Very intimate.

T – listens, intimately

Tell me a story, mandy

A beautiful story with a terrible end

A story where everyone knows the outcome, a story of love, a story of death, a story of INTIMACY

“Would you kindly?”

M – Giggles

T – Oh not too long.

Just… till this candle here… burns to the end.

M – Hmmm.

Once upon a time…~

T – listens. sits. melts

M – Mandy found a tiny, little boytoy in her bed. She named him Todd. Todd Howard.~ Because why not?

M – Mandy used to kiss him, bathe him, feed him, and put him to bed in one of her sneakers at night so he could rest safely.

After a month of caring for him, however, he began to get demanding. He wanted her to buy him toys and nice clothes. He wanted a nice dollhouse, and a comfy bed, and Mandy knew he’d begun to overuse the gift she’d so generously given him of having such a sweet and lovely giantess. So one day, while he was rubbing her feet, she pressed down on him.

He struggled, at first brushing off the pressure as a tease to scare him. As he started jokingly pleading with her to let him go, she only pressed harder…

T – 

The candle…


M – He cracked and screamed. She smiled, and pressed harder atop him. “You ruined a good thing, Toddy. So now, I’ll ruin you…” Her foot touched the floor as a gooey paste squelched from beneath it. She’d wipe the mess off and pitch it in the trash…

T – … died.

M – ^,^

Will that do?~

T – Yes sighs in delight Yes. It will do.

Thank you, mandy. Thank you very much.

M – Mandy’s a playful girl, after all.~

T – Did Mandy crush him because she’s playful and Todd didn’t understand that?

M – Mostly.

He WAS a bit of a jerk.~

T – A flat jerk.

M – Mhm.~

But that goes to show you. If someone agrees to help with your needs, you shouldn’t DEMAND anything of them.

Don’t look a gift Mandy in the foot.~

T – smiles softly


M – Hmm?

T – I knew this moment would come.

And I’ve waited for it, really.

Can you tell me about feet again?


If you’re in the mood, that is!

M – Anything in particular, young padawan?~

T – Yes

M – All of it? XD

T – Can you?!

M – I dunno where to start! @.@

T – Oh you need an entry point!

So here’s : Tell me when it began for you. How it began.

M – Ohhh.

T – Awwww

M – That’s pretty easy.

It started when I realised I liked stepping on my dolls as a little girl.

I’d Queen Kong my Barbies, pulling them out of their home and stepping on them.

Forcing Ken to beg me for his life by kissing my soles.

I was an evil little thing. >:3

I’d crush Lego houses my friends built, too.

T – That’s a pretty clear and passionate call for the love of feet


Make a foot fetishist out of me. Please.

Tell me how beautiful they are.

How essential they are.

What you and only you can say about them.

M – Hmhm.~



Santa-Nickie 09 by tiny-mk


T – grins

M – Well, mine are a bit big for my height. About an 8, 8 1/2 US women’s. I have long toes, and they’re very flexible. I used to be able to cross them like my fingers once upon a time. They’re really sensitive and are… QUITE an erogenous zone for me. I have smooth, soft soles then wrinkle a bit when I scrunch my toes. My nails at the moment are green, but I polish them every few days or so. I give myself a pedicure just about every day to avoid any dry spots or smell. I also lotion them daily so they don’t crack. ^.^ So that’s the what that we’re talking about.

The why is simple.

What’s the LOWEST point on the body?~

T – … Todd?

And yes. They are.

Exactly where all the weight of the body is focused.

M – So to put a person UNDER them is to geographically make them in TOTALITY lower than you.~

That’s the why.

T – Mmm~

M – And the means is pretty easy. To use something so ‘unimportant’ to the anatomy to idly toy with a living creature is to totally dominate them.

T – I wouldn’t say they’re unimportant. At all.

And the next, very logical question is :

Have you stepped on someone, just to see?

M – Like, what? Put my foot in someone’s face and pressed down?

T – Like yes giggles

M – I trample my boyfriend somewhat frequently.~


No secret there.

T – Such a beautiful act of love!

Would you happen to share this fantasy in your couple?

M – My boyfriend is the original owner of my DA.

T – Aw come on!

M – We’ve both been macrophiles together for about 6 or 8 years.

T – It’s fantastic!

M – ^,^

T – By fantastic I mean that it’s always heartwarming to hear about dreams shared in couple.

Both switches?

M – We’re both polyamorous bisexuals, too, so it works.

He’s predominately sub.

When we started going out, I was Domme only, and the change to Switch was Zion’s fault.

T – Oh you… Tickling my curiosity like this.

M – Mandy is a weird creature, I know.

T – Oh no, no, not at all!


It’s an exploration.

It always is.

M – Mandy is an alien planet all her own…~

T – Well. I’m exploring mandy.

What does the actual mandy think of the mandy of the very beginnings? The young one, the all domme one?

Does she measures the distance and the path of exploration walked?

M – It was a lot like childhood. The world makes no sense, but the childish wonder is phenomenal.

It’s a lot like living on a weird planet.

One step at a time, count them…

T – Happily tiptoed or heavily stomped…




M – I have to have left a trail of red smears a couple miles long behind me.~


Valentine’s Day by JamesMason0


T – You lovely killer


There’s one question to gather them all and in the darkness, bind them.

After all this walk, these smears and these friends, these wonderful feet and crumbling legos, these calculations and hearty, playful dances…

What have you learned, mandy?

M – It’s important to just not judge people. The community is too huge to cookie-cutter everyone. Everything’s weird, so get weird with it and learn. There ARE things I’ll never understand, and some things that are outside my comfort zone, but I never seriously, unironically tell anyone they disgust me because of a preference or a kink. It’s their thing, and they can like what they want. A little courtesy goes a long way. ^.^

T – You’re perfect in interviews, you know that? What is something you’d like to tell to newcomers, to those exploring their fantasy, just like you? Exactly this?

M – Two very simple things: 1.) Don’t open with a ‘mm goddess step on me’ line. Girls like me? We delete those. We have desires and interests beyond simple satisfaction, otherwise we’d never meet anyone new. Say ‘hi’, start some conversation, be pleasant, and show off some personality. I’ve started rp with people who approached me for rp if only because they were nice. (Hi, Dreamy!) 2.) Learn to accept ‘no’ for an answer. Engage the community. Say things of value, and encourage people to say ‘yes’ because you’re a good person. Easier to get good friends if you’re nice and willing to bounce back from a ‘no’ without being rude.

Essentially, being nice and polite is essential.

T – And yourself.

M – The ‘yourself’ is important regardless. But yes.

T – I really like what you said there.

M – Honest Mandu.

T – I really believe in this: Politeness, not taking for granted that we’re horny monsters. I really like it. Do you feel like things have changed since you first got online?

M – For me? A little.

When I first got back to being online and writing, I only spoke in small circles. It was less of a diverse group. Now that James and Mk are big artists and I’m a big feature on their pages, doing my own writing, I get lots of hatemail and people requesting rps.

I’ve even gotten a couple people requesting art from me as though I was Mk or James’ girlfriend. XD

T – laugh

M – Though I doubt either of them would mind, as long as I WAS their girlfriend.~

T – So… it’s gotten worse?

M – I think my ‘no-nonsense’ attitude toward random people propositioning me has made it die off a bit. There’s a period where it starts to get bearable.

Being new, and being a mysterious Mandu like me tends to generate a lot of questions.

T – Attitude matters!

And you got plenty of it, dear.

M – I’m spunky.

Probably all the blowjobs.

T – Probably.

M – It’s hard to get off!


T – If you wouldn’t suck them like pills everytime, it’d help!

M – But they taste good!

I’m a filthy heathen.


In Amanda’s bedroom by tiny-mk


T – But they screams, the poor little todd’s!


How are we supposed to finish an interview?

M – Uh…

T – Ouch

We don’t finish it.

M – o.o

T – That’s what I say.

M – It goes on forever!

T – And ever!

M – Yus!

T – intimately!

M – Or I could take this spontaneously-here-at-this-very-moment tv remote and hit the power button.

T – ultimatintimately! Say it 10 times without stuttering!

You could.

M – But do I wanna?

T – But shut down the interviewer… is this what a filthy heathen would do?



is plotwisted

M – Giggles and smiles Let’s end the interview with a dance!


T – ~ I ~ want ~~ my ~ question lalalaaaaa ~~~~


M – Hmmm. What question was the most fun for you? There. ^,^

T – All of them? Wait. I’ll check. Hmm…

It’s so long!

Like a foot!

But the bits about science and intimacy are especially delightful.

M – Ohhhh…


T – And the story!

M – ^.^

T – It’s… not exactly fun. But well. I love it.


M – ^.^ Then… Are we dones? o.o Discoes

T – For all purpose and intents, we are, mandU. The finishing line is yours!

M – I love dis community.~ So to everyone who made me happy during my growth (huehue), thanks a lot. ^.^ And Hi, Vy-Vy!. I promised her a shoutout at some point, I think… o,o

T — the neverending end —