To my little Tomato, to you.

My little tomato’s gone. My little tomato’s not gone.
There, inside, is this inneffable story of the both us, colliding, creating, destroying like two kids stumbling upon a particularly fun toy and never getting enough of the play. The fact that he’s been subjected to destruction 100% more than me doesn’t change this fact :
He now lives inside this huge and unfathomable being he crashed into. Me.

Size people, friends, here are some graphic memories of the terrific storm.

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The cyootest interview with Mandy


Amanda the forsaken, mandy the pants, mandy the silly, mandu… Mandy is a wonderful giant and personality. Mandy is a terrific writer. Mandy is cruel. Mandy is playful. Mandy is silly. Mandy is the cyootest in every possible way.

On Math, feet, domination and submission, on being a giantess and telling fatalist stories… read her:

Mandy is proudly herself.

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