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What is #Inktober?

Everything’s here.

31 days. 31 drawings.

Drawing has never been my strong suit. Trying things, though, feels very natural and guess what? Trying leads to learning.
I’m gonna draw for 31 days with nothing but little time and an Iphone. Not exactly ink you’d say but that’s just another creative constraint, isn’t it?

So here, are the result of this silly and creative effort.

Day 1 – poisonous

Her massive and poisonous kiss left him dazed and lifeless.

Day 2 – Tranquil

We giantesses are mountains, calm and tranquil; moved by love, fear and awe downhill.

Day 3 – Roasted

Roasted : “To be utterly dissed and owned like the little bitch you are.”

Day 30 – Jolt

To all these little ones, agape, hang upon a word,
To all these fiery nights of mutual discovery and surprises,

To a single touch, signal for the permision to be and exist,
Your body arched, tensed, on the verge of breaking, and a whisper;

A jolt.